An interview with the Founder of OTI, Ginette Tessier


Online Training Index didn’t start life as a quality review service … it was originally going to be an affiliate site offering hand-picked courses to selected individuals, wherever possible at a discount. But when founder Ginette Tessier (already a successful entrepreneur having founded her own independent corporate training company) came to curate the courses to be offered, she quickly discovered how confusing it could be for prospective learners to filter the entire market place.


As an experienced certified trainer and master coach, and having produced several online courses herself already, Ginette knew she was looking at a market that contained some training gems if someone knew what to look for – but also a market that contained some highly dubious offerings that seemed to be less about the training and more about making a fast buck! The sheer volume of courses from people who wanted to teach others how to make their courses/online presence better (with some having little evidence that they knew what they were doing themselves) was enough to convince Ginette that something needed to be done to help learners have a fighting chance of getting ‘real’ training for their online spend.


It helped considerably with the set-up of OTI that the majority of Ginette’s corporate life (circa. 22 years prior to becoming an entrepreneur), was spent modelling, testing and analysing performance related data, as well as being a performance coach and business skills trainer – so she knows quite a bit about setting up weighted rating and scoring systems for individuals and delivering feedback!

See the full interview with Ginette in the video.