Peace, love and understanding might not be the specific words you’d use, but they’ll be part of your values somehow! To you, harmony isn’t an abstract concept, it’s an essential part of your life, which, while you wouldn’t normally be demanding and confrontational, you’d fight tooth and nail for. As someone who is genuinely interested in others, although you need your quiet, reflective time, your ability to be a generous listener means your learners can be sure of having a teacher who supports them completely in getting through their challenge.


Your personal values shine through in your training, creating such a supportive environment for mutual understanding and learning. As a considerate and deliberate teacher, you can’t help but create a learning group that nourishes the soul as well as the brain. Your learners will be enriched in more ways than one!


If you could do one thing to make course creation easier, it would be to not have to ask for money. It’s not that you don’t like the stuff (gotta live, right?!), it’s just that setting the ‘right’ price and being comfortable with that is, well, somehow, ‘icky’ …

Perfectly Suited To Teach

Anything that’s designed to help people communicate more effectively is right up your street. And even if your subject isn’t specifically communication-related, there’s a good chance you’ll have something in your course content about how to communicate something!

Most Likely To Be Put Off By

Taking refunds personally, or finding that someone’s ripped off your content somehow. Yep, it’s a sad fact of course creation that at some point you will either need to give a refund, and/or you’ll find someone being less than honest about using your material. Try to see it as a mark of experience and a cost of doing online business, rather than a personal attack (’cause it really isn’t!).

Most Enjoyable Part of Course Creation

For you it’s all about the potential transformation that you can deliver to someone’s life. Yes, you might be teaching them how to play guitar, but really you’re giving them a creative outlet, a potential source of income, a way to impress family and friends etc. Whoever coined the phrase ‘if you weren’t being paid, would you still do it?’ was definitely talking about you!

Least Enjoyable Part of Course Creation

Some people (never you though) just don’t seem to engage their brain before speaking, and as a result can be pretty critical of your hard work. It’s tough to hear criticism at the best of times, but when it’s delivered in a troll-like way, that’s a tough one to get over. Keep a list of positive feedback handy, so you can dive straight in to that when needed!

Easiest Tribe to Build

When it comes to attracting your people, you will find it easiest to build up a group of learners who are definiely heart and values based. These are people who, like you, feel deeply about their mission in life and if they’re not basing a full-time business on it, it will still be a huge part of their free time. You can build a group of world-changers!

Oops! I Forgot …

Although it can feel completely alien to you, try to remember that sometimes people like to have a bit of direction for what they need to do and when. You don’t have to get all assertive and in their faces about it (shudder) – just think of it as a bit of friendly guidance and you’ll be good to go!

Easy-Peasy Lemon Squeezy

With a talent like yours for listening, it’s no wonder you find it super-easy to work out the pain points your tribe are facing. It’s important to you to feel heard and you naturally extend that courtesy to others, so picking up on the bits where help is needed will never be a problem for you!

A Personal Mantra

Something really useful to remember is that it’s a good thing to not be trying to help ‘everyone’. While your talents and skills could well be absorbed by anyone, that approach serves no-one, so hone your niche and go for it!

Secret Sauce

The old adage about people being most interested in people interested in them could have been written about you! You have the knack of making people feel really listened to and supported – long story short, you make them feel great about themselves. What a talent!