You are one smart cookie who values having the time to think and plan the details with care and attention. Rules are there for a reason and it makes your skin itch to see others break them and get away with it. You are especially hot on accuracy, which is why you put so much thought into your courses. It’s pretty annoying to see others chuck out any kind of mess and call it a course! False flattery is also sure the set the alarm bells ringing – but you know that what you produce is high quality stuff, so every now and again it’s great to get some appreciative feedback!


Wow! You have so much knowledge on the subject you choose to teach online, your learners are getting everything they’ve paid for and then some! Not only will you make sure you’ve got all your facts and figures nailed down, you’ll throw in extra bits of related trivia too. Anyone learning from you is a lucky learner indeed!


With the SuperPower comes the teeny-tiny little blindspot. Yours? Almost certainly trying to find the best place to start when you’re creating something new. Once you’ve started, it’s all good, but that first step …

Perfectly Suited To Teach

Anything that involves a process – the more complex the better. You particularly excel at taking a topic that confuses most people and turning it into a series of easy to follow steps and procedures! This is partly because it’s a puzzle – understanding how things work in isolation and work together with other elements.

Most Likely To Be Put Off By

Perfectionism! Yep, when it comes to getting all the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed, you are by far the best person to ensure it all happens. Trouble is, you can sometimes get caught spending just that little bit too long tweaking and fiddling to make things just so – and sometimes that means you end up not launching at all!

Most Enjoyable Part of Course Creation

The early days of thinking about what you could create, what it would include and how you’d go about teaching it – if you fail to plan you plan to fail, right?! For you, it’s all in the possibility of how great something could be, how it could all fit together and operate smoothly and efficiently. You could spend many happy hours working out the precise steps needed to achieve a particular outcome!

Least Enjoyable Part of Course Creation

Even though you know and understand the logic behind allowing potential learners to ‘know, like and trust’ you, there’s still a bit of you that is uncomfortable with the thought of sharing personal details of your life. It’s not that you necessarily have anything to hide (do you?!), it’s just that it’s, well, private!

Easiest Tribe to Build

When it comes to attracting your people, you will find it easiest to build up a group of learners who love getting the step-by-step breakdown of a process and the opportunity to have a proper ‘deep-dive’ on any subject you choose to teach. Be sure to use this information in your marketing – really go to town on how much easier it is to learn with a true talent of process explanation!

Oops! I Forgot …

You don’t mean to, but the chances are you are most likely to forget to check in with your learners – either to see how they’re progressing or to answer any questions they might have. Try setting yourself a calendar reminder, or making sure your system alerts you to comments and questions – just until it comes naturally!

Easy-Peasy Lemon Squeezy

When you hear about others struggling to know how to order their course elements, a little part of you softly laughs and takes on a bemused and quizzical expression … you could sort out the right order for a course, including all the modules and lessons, with your eyes closed. Logical order comes so naturally to you!

A Personal Mantra

For you, the endless possibilities can lead to endless adjusting, amending, re-shooting … try to remember this: Done is Better Than Perfect! Far better to get an ‘almost’ perfect course out of the door and earning money, than keeping a ‘should have been’ perfect one hidden away.

Secret Sauce

Everyone has that special something that other people can often see in us, but we don’t always see for ourselves. Your secret sauce is the sheer volume of additional knowledge you have built up around your chosen subjects. In fact, if you’re teaching something that you’re truly passionate about, one course might not be enough …