Look up “positivity” in the dictionary and your picture will be there! You love to see the best in everything and everyone and revel in situations that are definitely not stuffy or formal! Your creativity is what sets you apart from others – the ability to paint a literal or metaphorical picture. There’s nothing like a good story to share with friends and that’s pretty much how you approach your online courses! As long as someone or something can hold your attention then your enthusiasm knows no bounds – and that’s exactly how you like to teach. No boredom here!


Hey there Sunshine! If there’s a way to bring laughter and creativity to online learning, you’ve found it! If it’s not stimulating your imagination and attention, then it’s not worth doing – and your learners are in for a real treat. Your training is an online party and everyone’s invited!


With the SuperPower comes the teeny-tiny little blindspot. Yours? Routine – dull, dull, dull! You get restless in your course creation, especially if you have to repeat a task several times, such as uploading videos. Unfortunately there’s no way to get a course out there without some process repetition, so see if you can break it up somehow!

Perfectly Suited To Teach

Anything that involves an element of individual expression. This could be traditional art and craft pursuits, or perhaps some form of creative writing. Even if the subject isn’t creative, the way you teach it definitely will be!

Most Likely To Be Put Off By

Forgetting a crucial detail – because, let’s face it, who has time to worry about all the little things?! You just want to get your course out there into the world and if something’s not quite right, well there’s always time to change it later, right? Unless it’s something to do with the payment process, or course delivery, or email automation, or …

Most Enjoyable Part of Course Creation

Experimenting with the different ways in which you could present your course information. There are so many possibilities for you, that sometimes you might even forget to pick one … Thing is, when it comes to finding a creative way to deliver the learning, you’ve got it covered and then some!

Least Enjoyable Part of Course Creation

Having to focus for a long period to get something done is not your strong suit, as you get easily bored by routine. Editing videos might just be a step too far for you to handle! Maybe that’s something to outsource.

Easiest Tribe to Build

You will never have any problem attracting those who can match your bright shining light with their own. There’ll be an overflow of positivity, fun and laughter in your course as you and the other creative optimists bounce off each other and generally lift everyone’s spirits. You’re all such good fun to be around, people can’t help but have a great time!

Oops! I Forgot …

Sometimes a little structure is a good thing, so although it might not come easily for you, it’s worth remembering to plan out the flow of your course, so that you don’t miss anything out!

Easy-Peasy Lemon Squeezy

If you were stuck in a room with a single shoelace and a stick of gum, you’d have ten ideas for what you could make with them in the first minute! Your ability to think straight, sideways, diagonally and backwards to generate ideas is quite something to behold.

A Personal Mantra

While your teaching will never be boring, it’s worth remembering that consistency is key when it comes to embedding learning. So although it’s tempting to do something different every time, find ways to show that consistency to your learners, so they can get the best of you!

Secret Sauce

Everyone has that special something that other people can often see in us, but we don’t always see for ourselves. Your secret sauce is your infectious enthusiasm! To you, this is probably just being ‘normal’, but your ability to create a positive spin on just about anything is truly a gift.