Your world is fast-moving, dynamic and oh-so-organised – just like your courses! You can’t stand it when people waffle on needlessly with irrelevant information, so your aim is to be clear and decisive with what your learners do and don’t need. You have no problem with being assertive when called for and you aren’t a fan of overly emotional outbursts, so any group you put together for your course is going to be a strong and respectful place of answers as well as being positive and upbeat. Your learners are going to get exactly what they need to get over that challenge!


Amazing! You have an extraordinary gift of getting right to the heart of what your learners’ needs are, to get them exactly where they want to be. You deliver the most focussed, decisive and relevant training it’s possible to get – and there’ll be no-one better to bring clarity to the subject you’re training!


With the SuperPower comes the teeny-tiny little blindspot. Yours? Finding people to learn from who measure up to your high standards and demands. You ideally want to learn from someone who teaches the way you do – clearly, quickly, accurately and positively! Still, you’re getting some great market intel with all the searching …

Perfectly Suited To Teach

Strategies for success are definitely your bag – and if you don’t specifically teach sales skills, you’ll almost certainly include some hints and tips somewhere in your course-making career. You’re not in it to be an also-ran – you’re in it to win it!

Most Likely To Be Put Off By

Missing the point! You’re so quick-thinking, that sometimes you can reach a conclusion just a little bit early, and you miss a vital piece of information. When you’re learning, it’s easy enough to go back and check. But when you’re teaching, you can get frustrated with learners not ‘getting it’ as quickly as you. Take five just to check you’ve haven’t left something out …

Most Enjoyable Part of Course Creation

It’s all about being the go-to-expert! You’re happiest when people are looking to you for the answers and to help them achieve a goal. You’ve never minded being in the spotlight, so being the first port of call for the solution to a dilemma, or the person people naturally gravitate towards when leadership skills are required is second nature for you.

Least Enjoyable Part of Course Creation

You’d think that telling someone something once was enough, wouldn’t you? Unfortunately, learning doesn’t work that way, so constantly answering the same questions (especially when you think the askers haven’t bothered trying to find and answer for themselves) is a real drag, and definitely something you’d happily do without!

Easiest Tribe to Build

When it comes to attracting your people, you will find it easiest to build up a group of learners who want the no-BS approach to education! This might be a little ‘on-the-nose’ for some, but frankly you don’t have time to pander. You deliver what’s needed and you’ll attract the people that need to learn that way!

Oops! I Forgot …

The drive and determination you have to deliver results and outsmart the competition can also mean that you might forget to offer some variety in your teaching approach. Providing the answer is just one part of the equation, so don’t forget to find ways to help your learners put what you’re teaching into practice!

Easy-Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Pricing, upsells, cross-sells, downsells – when it comes to asking for money in exchange for your hard work, you have a ton of strategies and absolutely no issues with naming your price! In fact, you struggle to understand how other people can spend so much time worrying about pricing. After all, you try it and if it doesn’t work, you change it. How hard can that be?!

A Personal Mantra

Ignorance is not stupidity! For you, keeping a lid on your frustration when people can’t seem to follow clear instructions is a battle to be fought every time another question (that you’ve already answered) comes your way. Just remember that not everyone thinks as clearly as you – they may have simply missed that bit of wisdom! Count to ten and start again …

Secret Sauce

Everyone has that special something that other people can often see in us, but we don’t always see for ourselves – although you are most likely to already be aware of yours. Your secret sauce is being able to command attention – whether in reality or virtually. People just seem to sit up and listen when you’ve got something to say (and if they don’t, it’s their loss!).