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Three reasons to get a professional quality review of your course

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How It Works

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Order a full review and get a fully-loaded report, jammed full of praise and suggestions for improvement.

There’s even a handy checklist you can print out as a reminder while you work through the tips.

Still not sure having a Professional Quality Review is for you?

Take advantage of our sample service!

We’ll supply a mini-review based on one category, so you can see the quality and detail a full review would bring.

If you then go ahead with the full review, we’ll discount it by the cost of the sample!

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Full details of the Review steps

Step One: Send payment and a free link to your course

You can choose a full review or a single category review. If you choose a single category, this is designed as a sample for you to ‘try before you buy’ a full review. The cost of the sample is deducted from the full review cost if you go ahead with that. You can only use the sample option once (per course) and it will only cover one category (of our choosing). You will receive a mini-report and percentage score, but you will not be eligible for a quality badge or a place on the Index.

Payment is handled by PayPal, and the payment is made to Acuitas.LTD, the company that owns the Online Training Index brand and assets. If you would like a refund within the initial review period (i.e. before any report has been received) please write to us at You will receive a refund minus any fees paid to PayPal. We believe this is a fair arrangement as we will have already put in some work towards your review. After the initial report is received, no refunds are given.

Your course link must be completely free with no additional financial obligation (for example, if your course is part of a membership subscription, a free membership must be given for the duration of the review process, without requirement to submit any payment card details). Once you have received your report (and badge if applicable) and you do not intend to make any changes for a re-review, course access through your chosen method can be rescinded.

Step Two: Relax while your course is reviewed

Standard turnaround for a full review or single category review is 14 calendar / 10 working days (we reserve the right to take a little longer over public holidays such as Christmas and the New Year – but we will let you know if we think we need to do this).

If you need a report back more quickly than this, please email There is an additional charge for a faster response (typically 200% of the full price of what you’re requesting).

If we need any clarification, or information from you, we will get in touch during the review period. Otherwise you should assume we are able to access everything we need to review your course.

Step Three: Get your fully loaded course report

A full review request will result in a full report (circa 15 pages), a single category review will result in a mini-report (circa 4 pages). The report will contain your score against the quality criteria (for an overview see Best Practice Explained on this website) along with points of quality found and suggestions for improvement.

The report is sent via email and proof of sending is the time and date point used for any subsequent actions pertaining to the review process (including any re-review).

Step Four: Accept the rating, display the badge ... OR

Your report will contain a rating, shown as a percentage score. If you reach an overall rating of 65% or higher, you will also receive an electronic badge for use in your course marketing. This badge must only be displayed as an image that links through to your entry on the Index page of this website. Failure to display the badge with the correct link may result in withdrawal of your quality rating, with no liability incurred by Online Training Index. We will inform you if this is a likely scenario and give you reasonable time to make adjustments. Repeat offences may result in permanent refusal to engage the Online Training Index quality review service.

The overall rating is determined as a percentage of the total marks available and weighting is applied to the categories. This is detailed in the report along with your individual category scores.

Badge earning ratings:

Good = 65-74%

Great = 75-84%

Excellent = 85-94%

Outstanding = 95%+

You can choose to display a badge if earned, even if you wish to submit for re-review. Your review rating is valid for one year from the date and time of the report being sent. In the case of a re-review that results in a higher score and rating, the one year runs from the latest report issued.

Step Five: Action any top tips, submit for re-review

**Re-reviews are only available for Full Course Reviews**

In your report you will receive a selection of suggestions for improvements, listed in the relevant category. You do not have to complete all (or any!) of these suggestions before submitting for re-review, but we will give you as many hints as we can (without implying or stating a guarantee of a higher score) as to the best places to concentrate.

If you complete your chosen changes within 30 days, you can submit your course for a FREE re-review, providing you also send a list of the changes you have chosen to make. If you do not supply this list, we reserve the right to levy an additional charge for the re-review (as we effectively have to go through the entire course again to try to find your changes). This charge will be 50% of a full review cost (even if you have originally submitted with a discount).

The process for submission for a re-review will be sent with your original report. If you have lost these details, please contact

Only ONE re-review within 30 days of the original report being sent is allowed. Re-reviews after this time are subject to the conditions outlined in Step Eight.

Step Six: Relax for a few more days while we work

The time taken for your re-review will depend on the number of changes made, but we would typically hope to take no longer than 7 calendar / 5 working days. For this step though, all local public holidays affect our ability to meet this intention, so we will send you an estimate for turnaround on receipt of your list of changes made.

Step Seven: Celebrate a higher rating and badge!

This is not guaranteed. Although we will give you as much information as we can about how to improve your score, this is done without any guarantee or promise of a higher score, higher rating or higher badge.

That said, if you work hard and implement the majority of suggested changes, in the way they are suggested, in our experience you are likely to get a higher score. This may lead to a higher rating and higher badge, depending on where your initial score is.

Step Eight: Get a discount next time for every referral

Your rating is valid for one year. During that year, you are encouraged to invite your contacts to get their courses reviewed and for every Full review booked and paid for without refund, you will receive a $20 discount on your next review. There is no discount for a Single Category review booking, unless this subsequently turns into a Full review booking.

If you have referred 10 courses (so this could be any combination of people and courses such as 1 person with 10 courses or 10 different people each with 1 course) during the year, all of whom result in a Full review booking without refund, your next review is FREE!

When you have promoted the review service for the first time, email info@onlinetrainingindex to say you have done so). All bookings are asked if they have been referred by someone, so the name you tell us has promoted the review service should be the name they use to link their request to you. This can therefore be your name, or your company’s name. If the wrong name is used by a new review booking, we reserve the right to refuse your discount.

If you have promoted the review service inaccurately or incorrectly, Online Training Index carries no liability for any action or inaction as a result of information displayed about this service on any other website besides this one. You and any review contacts are responsible for checking and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions listed on this website only.