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Course description (full):

Have you ever been afflicted by BSPS?

It's a common complaint among online entrepreneurs ...

Blank Sheet of Paper Syndrome - oh yes, it's real. And you're not the only one.

It's that sarcastic blinking cursor on your screen, mocking you because you haven't written anything yet.

It's that blindingly bright white piece of paper that dares you to sully its beauty with half-formed, almost-thoughts.

And yet, you KNOW there's an amazing online course inside your head just waiting to come out.

You've had these tumbling, whirling, half-formed thoughts for what seems like eons, it's just that damned blank sheet, staring you down, every time.

What if you get it wrong?

What if you forget something crucial?

What if you realise there's too much to think about in one go?

And yet ...

You imagine being able to take those half-ideas and turn them into a fully-fledged, super-sexy action plan that even the best professional trainers would be jealous of.

You dream of how you can take a wisp of an idea and create a complete course outline before most fellow creators have even thought up their title.

You fantasize about how you can answer some super-simple questions and generate all the copy you'll need for your title, tagline and sales page.

And then you let out a squeak of excitement when you realize you can do all of that RIGHT NOW, with the Easy Online Course Builder:

The only step-by-step system that gives you a tailored starting point;

Templates and downloads that take the hard work away and leave you with the fun stuff;

A proven system to generate a professional course outline and detailed delivery map;

So you know exactly what, when and how you'll be creating your course, without even having broken a sweat.

Hardly seems fair, does it?!

No more waking in the middle of the night with thoughts of what you could and couldn't include;

No more heart-stopping moments when you realize you've forgotten a crucial piece of instruction;

No more rambling pieces to camera because you're not entirely sure which bit goes where.

Of course, you're welcome to keep those things if you really want to ...

or you can make the smart move and invest in the Easy Online Course Builder right now and kiss those sleepless, gut-sinking ramblings goodbye!

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Instructor Bio:

Ginette has been training fellow freelance trainers how to create online courses for several years now and loves all things online so much, she converted her business to 95% online in May 2018.

Instructor Photo: Ginette Tessier
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